\FistoftheNoob is a Urien player and one of the most active talkers in the 3s room (back in the GGPO days). Being one of the many people who habitually logged on to the GGPO 3s room on a daily basis, he was very familiar with the GGPO scene. Despite being a heavy chatter, Fist is very enthusiastic about 3rd strike and is also known to be quite driven to improve his skills.

Laud vs FistOfTheNoob (Third Strike Online)04:14

Laud vs FistOfTheNoob (Third Strike Online)

Bars and Hooks was one of the people Fist talked to most often on GGPO. Their topics usually surrounded girls, relationships and bodybuilding. Fist was a regular member of the regular GGPO player base - the "brotherhood". He produced a number of items for the community, including a palette color mod pack. He also created a "GGPO comic" in 2012, illustrating some of the regular GGPO players at the time.

As of 2013, FistoftheNoob stopped logging on and was rarely seen again. However, as of 2015, FistoftheNoob has occasionally resurfaced on FightCade after a long hiatus.

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