The legendary 2Nasty had been on GGPO ever since at least 2009. He became popular and was a source of entertainment for many on GGPO due to his charismatic antics. At the very beginning he was taught how to play by Tenrou, but had since gone on to make quite a name for himself. In his later days, he started uploading 3s videos (mainly of GGPO) on his YouTube and even streamed them on his twitch account.

Although he was a mediocre player, he always talked up his skill in using Alex. It is not clear whether 2Nasty seriously believed he was such "a beast" or simply fooling around. Nevertheless, his antics are generally not ill-natured but instead, are often very funny.

By 2013, 2Nasty had started using the name rather than 2Nasty. As of 2014, 2Nasty has rarely logged on to GGPO 3S and has not been seen on FightCade.

Music VideosEdit

In his early days on GGPO, he even made a music video highlighting his "beastings" on GGPO. He has since gone on to make at least 2 more such videos on youtube.

Alex is from sparta04:33

Alex is from sparta

Alex is from Sparta 200:51

Alex is from Sparta 2



Notable QuotesEdit

"Who wants to get beasted?"
"Who wants it?"
"Who wants to get good?"
"Dont make me add you to my next 3S video"
"I got that new alex technology"

Funny thread involving 2Nasty on forums:

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