Metric has been playing 3rd strike on GGPO and FightCade since the earliest days. He got into 3rd strike after seeing the Daigo vs Justin Wong video started playing on GGPO. He was a highly dedicated and over the years he leveled up his game enormously. While he has started playing at arcades long ago, he still continues to be a regular on FightCade today. However, he has become much less active now than his earlier GGPO days.

In the earlier GGPO days around 2008, Metric used to come across exo-tech, Bars and Hooks, and tenren12 very often on GGPO 3s room, almost on a daily basis. He often discussed with them various topics outside of the game as well as play 3s together. Later, Bars and Hooks faded out as he turned his focus from 3s to other matters such as bodybuilding and aesthetics.

Metric vs exo-tech31:17

Metric vs exo-tech

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