Nica KO is the online handle of Lloyd, a highly dedicated player from the New York area. He mainly uses Yang and at times Ken and Yun. Nica KO's name is a reference to the top level Japanese player he highly admired - K.O.

Nica KO initially started out playing online through GGPO and Kaillera after getting drawn into 3rd strike by the Daigo vs Justin Wong video. He has since invested an enormous amount of time and effort into the game and has become one of the best players in America. Although he has grown into one of the most prominent faces in the the American 3rd strike scene, he still continues to show up on FightCade occasionally.

He is dedicated to reviving and promoting the arcade 3rd strike scene in America. Efforts include setting up cabinets, promoting 3rd strike events and hosting tournaments in the New York area. Nica KO also contributes to the online community with streams and tutorial videos for new players, in which he has been noted to subject viewers to periodic burping, yawning, coughing and other bodily noises in general.

Nica K

Nica K.O (YA) vs Pyrolee (YU)