Super Jump CancelEdit

In 3rd Strike, all characters can do an extra high version of their jumps by first tapping ↓ (down) before the jump. Some characters have moves which can be cancelled into this super jump during the middle of the move. Examples are the last hit of Chun Li's Super Art 2 (Houyoku Sen) and her close heavy kick.

Other Names:Edit

  • SJC
  • HJC

Character SpecificEdit



Short for "instant air dash". Twelve is unique in that he can glide in the air after jumping by simply inputting a dash after he jumps. When a Twelve player taps ↗ (up-forward) once and immediately taps → (forward), the game will recognize this these 2 inputs as a jump forward, as well as a double tap forward. This input makes Twelve go immediately from standing on the ground, to gliding in the air (although not very high). This shortcut gives Twelve players some additional tools for mixups and mobility.

Other Names:Edit
  • Instand Air Dash (full name)


Tachi Gigas - An immediate Gigas Breaker (Hugo's Super Art 1) while standing on the ground, without jumping or buffering.Edit

Other Names:Edit
  • Standing Gigas
  • Standing 720



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