Welcome to the world of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Congratulations, you have discovered one of the most fun and underated fighting games ever. Now you have probably seen this video - the most famous match footage from the iconic Street Fighter games. In fact, it is probably the most famous fighting game video.

Daigo vs Justin Wong (EVO 2004)00:48

Daigo vs Justin Wong (EVO 2004)

3rd Strike was released in 1999 but this moment from the EVO 04 tournament drew many players to this extremely fun yet challenging fighting game. On this dedicated wiki you will find everything about "3s"... game strategies and info, guides, 3s history, videos and players lists & rankings!

As for the online 3rd strike, it began in 2007 on GGPO and since then, Online Edition (2010) and FightCade (2014) have rolled out. If you're new and came here to start playing online, click here to play 3S on GGPO or FightCade. On this wiki, some of the things you will find include:

Game Strategy and Guides: Learn about gameplay, characters, frame data, match-ups and more... for everyone from beginners to advanced players.

Match Videos: Catch every 3rd Strike vid including match videos, tournaments, Kuroda DVDs and miscellaneous videos.

Play 3S: Get started online now by reading 'How To Play 3S on GGPO and Fightcade'.

Players List: Find info and player rankings on all the 3S GGPO & FightCade players including:
  Bars and Hooks - semi professional body builder and former Q player
  Cruise - a long time veteran on GGPO and a popular Urien player
  yuuki - one of the most respected and skilful English-speaking players on GGPO
  Alexisdabomb - aka louiscipher, a commonly disliked bad online player and infamous rager

This site not only covers the above topics but anything related to 3rd strike, including its history and legacy of 3rd strike ... including the players, the moments and the funny times, online and in real life.

Kuroda (GO) vs EX Remy (RE)01:14

Kuroda (GO) vs EX Remy (RE)

GGPO Action Highlight

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