The online world of 3rd strike began in 2006 with the successful emulation of CPS-3 and then the rise of GGPO. Since then the game has been released as "Online Edition" on PS3 and Xbox 360 by Capcom. In 2014, a different program with the same emulator as GGPO was created and was called FightCade. At the same time, GGPO was attacked by DDOS and has since been down indefinitely. Hence, the online world now consists of FightCade and Online Edition.

It must be noted that 3rd strike is an old game released in 1999 on arcade cabinets which also relies heavily on mechanics and timing. Therefore any form of online play or "simulation" is very different from the "real thing".

For a list of FightCade players, see the online player list page or player articles.

Online Tournaments

Fightcade Tournament Summer 2015

This tournament is just for kicks and fun. It will be held online on Fightcade for US and Canada players. Not all matches have to be done on the same day - with the watch replay feature, matches can be played even without any spectators and watched afterwards.

Basic Rules:

  • The draw is by random and it will be single elimination
  • Players cannot change characters
  • Default Best-of-3-Rounds matches will be played. First player to win 2 MATCHES will progress to the next round
  • Spectators who missed the fights can watch the replays (players can post replay links here for convenience)

  • Hoss (AL)
  • metric (Q)
  • Night (RY)
  • Asian Assault (RY)
  • Tenrou (RE)
  • Cami (KE)
  • nitewind12 (HU)
  • 3rdnoobster (UR)
  • OSO (HU)

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